Hong Prenatal Yoga

TimeOut Shanghai magazine Dec 2011 wrote an article about Infant Massage at Hong Prenatal Yoga

On 1st November 2012 GLOBAL TIMES published an article about Hong Prenatal Yoga.

Hong was invited by Bump and Babes to give a talk on Baby Massage on June 27,2012

Hong Prenatal Yoga was mentioned in Grueezi Shanghai in March 2011


City Weekend Parents & Kids magazine Oct 2010 wrote an article about Hong Prenatal Yoga

  • Postnatal Yoga

  • Postnatal yoga classes help you regain strength and energy that may have been lost during pregnancy. Classes specifically focus on rebuilding strength in the abdomen, back and pelvic muscle; releasing tension in the shoulders and neck; opening the chest. Classes also address common issues and concerns that may arise in this new chapter of life.

    For vaginal births, you must wait until the bleeding has stopped, usually 2-4 weeks after birth. For cesarean births you must wait at least 6 weeks. Please consult with your doctor before returning to yoga.

    Mommy and Me Yoga focuses on strengthening the spiritual,emotional and physical bond between parent and child. Mommy and Me Yoga will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby.

    Bring your baby to class! Classes are for babies ages 4 weeks to crawling.

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